Super Foods to Fight Ageing!

You know what’s inevitable?

- Ageing.

You know what’s evitable?

-Ageing again!

The world is full of women cribbing about the wrinkles, blemishes and dark spots on their faces. I have even heard my mom lending a piece of her mind by sermoning about the inevitability of the phenomenon.

Inevitable? Really?

Wrinkles are not evitable; wrinkles at the age of 60 something are. And if you are a young lady in your 50s (Yes. Young.), wrinkles ought to be the last thing in the list of ‘to-worry-about’s’!

Super Foods to fight ageing

You can always make smarter choices to keep ageing at bay. And by smarter choices, I don’t mean dishing out all the money on clinical procedures and anti ageing creams to get that glowing, youthful skin. Hopping to the nearby best beauty salon wouldn’t do either! Because by smarter choices, I mean foods.

Sorry. Super-Foods.

But then, what kind of superfoods? Just read on.

  • Kiwi: It is not one of the most popular foods that will have people drooling over it for the taste of it. But loaded with anti-oxidants, it is definitely one of the edible marvels that keeps skin firm and slow down the formation of wrinkles.
  • Pomegranate: Loaded with various vitamins and minerals like phosphorous and riboflavin, Pomegranate helps slow down the ageing process and promote beautiful skin. The fruit extracts help in the development of dermal cells that keep the skin firm, subtle and glowing.
  • Watermelon: Now this is one is my favorite. Not because it comes loaded with essential vitamins and minerals like Vitamin-A, B, C et al, but because it tastes like heaven! Taste apart, watermelons are a great source of anti-oxidants. Have them and relish the taste along with its goodness, but don’t chuck the seeds away! Just so you know, it is the seeds that are the treasure trove. Comprising of concentrated sources of zinc and selenium, they throw all that ageing thing out of the loop!

Can fried foods be made healthy? Of course, YES!

Everything tasty has to be unhealthy- that’s the barbaric rule of life.

Or is it really?

We all drool over French fries, burgers and doughnuts, quite literally. Put a chunk of them in front, and we are sure to gobble them down in one go, oblivious of the fact that we are loading our bodies calories by doing so. But can we really help it, the devouring thing?

Perhaps not!

Why not, with a few twists and tweaks and the innovative streak, sinful eating can be made a little healthier, a little fresh, says an instructor for a course in nutrition. Sounds impossible, right?

course in nutrition

Just read on!

  • Fried food doesn’t always have to be fried, does it? Certainly yes, people. All you have to do is bake them, rather than frying them. Toss the French fries in garlic salt and canola oil and push them in a baking pan lined with paper towels. Bake them for over 30 minutes and frequent them with tossing and turning every 10 minutes. And the oil overdose you saved yourself will instigate fewer pimples. Thus you just eased out the work for your beauty school expert as well.
  • Doughnuts may not look like so, but they are jammed with oil. Yes, they are deep fried, and hence make for a rather guilty eating. But fret not, for you can as easily prepare, rather bake light cinnamon doughnut balls. Take half a cup flour, half cup baking powder, half cup skimmed milk, half teaspoon salt and place the mixture in muffin tins. Bake for 15 minutes at 375 degrees and voila! The magic is for you to see!

A similar trick goes for the much snacked upon potato chips. Potato chips are fried, we all know that. We also know what fried foods to us, so no further discussions on that! When you know the cause, why not just remedy it? Bake your potato chips instead of frying them in a manner similar to French fries. And see a delightful fusion of health and taste for yourself!

Women Who? Talk about hair styling for Men!

Who pipes up the most in a hair product conversation? A woman, maybe?

Maybe not.

For decades, hair products, sun blocks, manicures, pedicures and scrub have been vaguely pivoted to a woman’s persona. Men, for that matter are ignorantly chucked out when the focal point of discussion is, well, what is labelled as a women’s world.  But then the why of it arises. Don’t men use any of these fashion products?


If your answer is a No, your construed standards of men’s styling are probably wrong. Remember the Gels that boys spiked their hair with till a few years back? Well, that.

But times have changed now. Guys, much like girls, have a plethora of hairstyles and hair products at their helm these days. From gels to things like pastes and pomades- there is a wide ranging assortment. But before you dive to get one for your hair, always know your hair type first. I have seen a lot of guys purchasing a gel of a similar brand and name and then denouncing it as a useless piece because apparently, it didn’t give the hairstyle that they had wanted. Therefore, it is imperative to know one’s hair type before making a plunge into a specific hairstyle.

Also, always study the ingredients that go into the making of hair styling product. That’s because many would rather dive into the rabbit hole of products. Some company might use the term gel quite liberally, but once you use it, it will be more like paste. Know that basic hair styling terminology before getting your hands on any product. Also, it is always great to use after products, the finishing products which are more like supplementary hair products. If you want a full control on how every strand of your hair looks, better go for a finishing product!

It’s not solely women’s world after all!

Laser Hair Removal and Its Benefits

Tired of messy waxing and harsh razors to remove unwanted hairs? Laser technique might just be what you need. If you are one of those who are still sceptical of the process, then the follow-up of the blog demystifies the subject for you.

Unlike regular hair zapping, it is a medical skin treatment and requires due training and expertise before a person can execute it. It has its set of precautions and post therapy measures which should be followed strictly for best results to and avoid any complications.

get rid of laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is achieved through focusing a high frequency light beam on the hair follicle and burning the very root to prevent future growth. These have several benefits over conventional ways. It is also very safe with modern technology in place. However you must be careful about precaution and ascertain the administrator’s certification. A sloppy execution can be potentially dangerous.

Some of its benefits are.

• It is very precise as much as a needle when it comes to removing tough and stubborn hair from sensitive areas.

• It is quick and hassle-free

• Smaller areas with soft hairs like upper lip etc. can be fixed within a minute.

• Repeated sittings are required depending on growth and target area.

• It is very reliable as ninety per cent people have experienced complete hair loss.

• It is advisable to grow your hair to full length before the treatment, as small but stubborn traces may get left out.

• Avoid sun exposure for at least six weeks post treatments, as your skin becomes photosensitive.

However, don’t expect miraculous results in a single shot. It reduces hair growth for a sufficiently longer period and several sittings would be required to do that.

Shirt, Sunscreen and Hat- Your safest bet for summers!

That Ultra Violet rays can be harmful to skin is no news. But, that people hardly care about its harmfulness definitely is.

According to the National Council on Skin Cancer, wearing Sunblock of a good SPF alone doesn’t do the trick. Yes, it does protect the skin from getting tanned, or burned, but the Sun-induced effects can have far greater consequences. Skin Cancer is one of them.


While many believe that wearing a good quantity of sun block or keeps skin cancer at bay, the truth is that it does not. The Environmental Working group that comes under the aegis of The National Council on Skin Cancer throws some fine tricks for protection against sun exposure.

  • Slip on a casual summer shirt

Sporting cut sleeves and slings are a fad in simmering summers. But, exposing skin to the brutal sun also exposes it to deadly cancer. Slipping into a full sleeved cotton shirt not only shields the skin from the harmful rays but also lends a chic look to your personality.

  • Wear a generous amount of an SPF 15+ Sunscreen

Summers without sun blocks are unimaginable. If you are one of those girls who go out into the sun without any skin protection, you are a trouble caller. Slopping on a decent amount of sunscreen can shield your skin from getting tanned, to say the least. Using a scrub to treat the affected areas also helps.

Never stroll into the sun without wearing a sun block. Recite this mantra everyday for your skin’s sake!

  • Slap on a hat

Your skin is not the only element of your existential being that gets ravaged by sun. Your hair are equally prone to becoming brittle and lifeless under the reign of the sun. Pollution is yet another culprit that wreaks havoc. Slap on a hat and fan out to have the summer fun, sans any crazy ‘sunny woes’!

Key to applying Facial Makeup

What’s the first thing that crosses your mind when you are have to meet with the idea of office meetings or perhaps, a casual hang out with friends? Dolling up in that pretty little dress is one thing; getting ready to the next step- the makeup thing that is, is another.

Wearing makeup at the tiniest of occasions is pretty common these days. However, when showered with infinite choices of makeup items- foundation, scrub, face powder and stuff, and that too in a wide range of assortment, it gets slightly baffling to understand what to try and what not to. Here is what you can do to make the makeup affair a hassle free one, lists out some experts enrolled in Makeup courses.

makeup courses

  • Prior to applying anything on the face, clean your face thoroughly of all the makeup that you might have applied the previous night. Use a moisturizer or a cleanser to clean your face of the last night’s make up. A messed up, dirty face can mar your chances of a cleaner makeup, says a nutritionist pursuing diploma in health.
  • To get rid of the caked, blotchy look, wash your face with a mild face wash. Mild face wash is imperative to use before makeup as it prepares the base for the use of harsher chemicals on face. Cleaning your face removes all the impurities and unclogs the pores.
  • Apply a concealer next. The purpose of a concealer is to even out the skin tone. Apply it under the eyes, beneath the nose and on chin. Put on some foundation and spread it evenly so that it blends with the concealer. A concealer brush can be used to add a little extra foundation.
  • Applying a light tone of highlighter does marvels. Lend shadows and highlights to your face by applying a highlighter beneath your eyes, over your eyebrows and on your cheeks.

Pep up your face by applying a little blush to your cheeks. Make sure that you don’t use a Jazzy or a gaudy colour, though. Instead of using your hand, use a large brush to apply it an even manner.

Enjoy Monsoons without compromising with looks any way

Monsoon, though synonymous to fun and romance, however is the time to be extra careful in few aspects like the way you carry yourself and overall semblance. After all, walking around in the rain with muddy splish-splashes and mascara rolling down your cheek would be the last wished for thing. Might sound dramatic to some, but in monsoons feet, hands, scalp are likely to get affected to the most and those who are careless in any way are likely to suffer in long term prospects. Thus, there are a few must-haves that have to be considered without fail.

Body Lotion

The monsoon doesn’t implicate that you have to leave out of liner or mascara from the makeup kit. Markets are flooded with water proof cosmetics that can be bought in order to look the very same way as you have had wanted to. Apart from choosing water proof cosmetics and good body lotion, it’s good to check out best Salon, if in case you seek for a pro advice. Hand and feet care is a must thus, but fret not, the good news is that there are many best spa Delhi options to choose from.

For the reason that it’s moisture all around, thus try to avoid liquid-based cosmetics and go with primers so as to safeguard makeup from humidity. But at this point also, you need to finalize something with matte finish. To avoid hair problems, use good quality hair products.

Talking about lip shade, have matte lipstick shades and keep those sparkling and gorgy shades at bay. You can easily choose one from ample of options, strictly meant to be used during the rains.

So as a whole these are a few things that needs to be taken into account to flaunt your way, without letting your looks getting affected in any way.