Indian Bridal Makeup Tip for a Fair Skin Tone

Even as a little girl you have been dreaming of a perfect wedding on the most perfect day. Having grown-up the dream means so much more you. The D-day certainly means is one of the most important days of her life. Owing to this vehemence for perfection, several girls start planning the whereabouts and the bookings all in advance.

Institute which offers courses in beautician remark that the makeup being an essential ornament of a bride needs to be the most ideal thing amongst all.

Indian-Bridal-Makeup-TipsWhile the brides do need to take of the kind of diet they are on, majorly for the inner well-being and the natural glow which can’t really be compensated by any amount of makeup. Courses in nutrition for health also reveal that the most beautiful bride is truly the healthiest bride. Fathom this amalgamation of health with an ideal makeup and the result can’t be any less than divinity!

Especially when we talk about the Indian skin tones, it is a fact well known that these vary to a great degree from one person to another. It is because of this variation that there can’t be any fixed catalogue for Indian bridal makeup.

Therefore if you are the soon-to-be bride you need to be very sure about the type of the makeup you want to go for which in turn complements your skin tone.

Having said so here are some handy tips for the same:

-For a Fair Skin tone

  • Go for the cooler tones of makeup. Since you are fair you can try and experiment with all the bright hues and still look gorgeous.
  • Right foundation is necessary. Institute offering courses in beautician explains that a bride needs to be too cautious to keep away from the ghostly pale. And so applying a foundation that matches your skin tone is imperative.
  • Though you can very well go with bright shades of lipstick but if you want to stick to subtle then peach and pink are a good choice.

You have all the liberties to experiment with the hues of your eye makeup, however just ensure that it goes well with the lip color while balancing it well.

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Lesser-Known Facts about Diet and Health

Opting for a dietician course in Delhi would need you to find the best beauty classes in the city so you feel equipped and satisfied with the knowledge you acquire about the industry. However, that’s not enough. You need to be aware of the current trends and general awareness about the field also. An aspirant who’s decided to pursue a dietician course in Delhi is expected to have the aptitude for it which can be worked on over the years. But since you’re prepared to make your entry into the beauty industry, you must have your own opinions about general things.

So to improve your aptitude, here are some lesser-known facts about nutrition and beauty that you should probably know about:



1. Is diet soda really bad for health?

And the answer is yes! It in fact carries severe health risks. Scientific research suggests that ingesting a good amount of diet soda may increase the risk of obesity and type-2 diabetes. It doesn’t even help when you think you’re fooling your brain with all the artificial sugars since you never really stop depending upon it, which is in fact the cause of all that trouble.

A better alternative would be to gradually leave the colas and move on to fruit-flavoured waters and juices, or you could try adding a slice of cucumber or any of your favourite fruits to your water.

2. How many glasses of water do you really need to drink per day?

Sometimes we forget about the fact that you need to keep your body hydrated at all times since it’s so vital for the wellbeing of your digestive system to your immune system as well as cell health. We are made of 90 per cent water, so you get the idea. But just how much water does your body need per day? Well, it depends on how water-packed your diet is. Hydrating fruits and vegetables are better your cells and skin than plain water is. So rather than forcing down glasses of water each day, try increasing your consumption of vegetables like cucumbers and tomatoes and fruits like melons and oranges.

5 Beauty-Enhancing Foods You Should Probably Know About

If you’re a beauty maniac, you may be aware of the fact that beauty is directly linked to what we eat. Many B.Sc. graduates share the dream of making it big in the burgeoning industry to form a career in the exceptional field of beauty. But you don’t necessarily have to find best beauty classes to prepare for your future or scout for a course offer in nutrition to know certain basic things about diet. Since you are going to explore the field in detail anyway once you’re ready to make your grand entrance in the industry, this article will help you get off on the right track.

Here is an interesting list of beauty-enhancing super foods that you should probably know about, and that every course offered in nutrition and beauty would teach you:

1.    Strawberries

Strawberries sure are delicious, but did you know that they can also make your skin look gorgeous? Strawberries come packed with vitamin C which helps in the build-up of collagen. A cup of strawberries contains enough Vitamin C to satisfy your day’s needs.

2.    Chilli Pappers

Researchers believe that having a meal rich in capsaicin—the compound where hot sauce and chilli peppers source their heat from—reduces ghrelin levels responsible for causing hunger pangs. It also additionally triggers the appetite-suppressing secretions in the body.

Scientists also discovered that the people who had a glass of capsaicin-rich tomato juice before their meals over a span of two days, had 16% less calories as compared to those who drank it spice-less.

beauty foods

3.    Romaine Lettuce

Only six leaves of romaine lettuce can provide more than 100 per cent of your daily vitamin A needs. It revitalizes your skin by increasing the number of new cells being formed. It’s also a rich source of potassium that gives your skin a rejuvenating boost of healthy nutrients and oxygen while improving blood circulation.

4.    Tomatoes

Eating red foods can keep your skin from turning red. Researchers found that people who consumed 5 tablespoons of lycopene-rich tomato paste everyday over a course of 3 months had almost 25 per cent less chance of getting sunburnt.

5.    Apples

Apples have an antioxidant in their outer peel that provides protection from the UVB rays that are by the way capable of causing skin cancer. Particular varieties in apples are said to have specific concentrations of antioxidants that can give you a radiant skin and much more.

Bag Your Beach Essentials

We all love the beach vacations filled with beautiful sunsets and sunrises, the blue seas and the gleaming sands. Although lazing in the sun is quite a fun activity to indulge in, but only if one could figure out a healthy way around the baggage of adverse effects that it comes along with. The harmful rays from the sun coupled with moisture in the air causes great damage to our skin and hair. Skin burns and frizzy hair can be a rain on your parade. To enjoy your vacation to the fullest with little precaution is a must.


Here are some best shampoos, sunblock creams and other essentials that one must pack along with them.

  1. L’Oreal Paris Vive-Pro Smooth Intense Shampoo

This is the best shampoo to use when exposed to the sun or if you have damaged or colored hair. The L’Oreal Vive Pro shampoo has UV filters which protect hair from sun damage. This should make for a great summer drugstore buy.

  1. VLCC Glow Sun Block Lotion SPF 20 PA++

Elements of the beach like the sun, water and wind can really cause major harm to your skin like dehydrating it. And even though sunblock creams and lotions in general are hydrating, this formula will keep your skin well moisturized due to the formula SPF 20 and PA++, provides complete protection from both UVA and UVB rays of the sun. Enriched with the goodness of Sandalwood extract, it provides a healthy glow to the skin. Another great drugstore product to look out for! It is one of the best sunblock creams available in this range with an amazing SPF 20+.

3. Ray BAN Sun aviator glasses – Do NOT forget to pack your sunnies on for the trip. The day is bright and you got to ready yourself with the killer sun shades you bought for your fabulous self.

Makeup tips for sensitive eyes

Irritation in eyes is one of the most common forms of irritation, especially for the people who have sensitive eyes. Talk about women with sensitive eyes and the first thought that crosses mind is the makeup. How do women with sensitive eyes manage putting kohl and mascara?

Here are a few tips for the women who encounter itching and eye redness on applying eye-makeup. Have a look!

Clean your brushes:

Always, no matter what, clean your brushes before applying makeup to them. With time dirt gets accumulated on the brushes that can lead to eye infections. Hence it is imperative that you clean your brushes and other equipment of all the grime and dirt before using them, says a student Get admission diploma in health.

Avoid lining your inner eye:

Lining the eyes on the inner periphery may cause infection in people with sensitive eyes. True, that applying kohl on the inner eyes make them look bigger, but doing so at the expense of causing harm to the eyes won’t do now, right? People with sensitive eyes should use a liner on the outer lash, says a person of makeup courses.


Dietician course

Choose the best products:

Always go for brands that suit you the most. Sometimes, it is not the quality but the ingredients of the product that doesn’t suit the eye. Try till you find the products that suit you full.

Replace your products often:

Even if your products are clean there is a chance that they might develop bacteria over a period of time. Hence it is crucial that you replace your makeup products often. It is best to replace, especially your eye products to reduce the risk of eye-infection.

Always remove makeup before going to bed:

Always make it a point to remove all your eye makeup with a mild cleanser or toner before you go to bed.

Oil Your Hair Problems Away!

Remember how your grandmother wouldn’t just stop blabbering about the goodness of essential oils for hair, and how you would dismiss the sermons with a shake of your head?

Truth be told, your grandmother was always right. Oiling hair not only complements hair growth but also prevents hair loss. It is one of the greatest hair treatments that you can give to your hair. How? Just read on.

Either you can have oily hair, or dry hair. If your hair are somewhat in the middle, well, you surely are some source of envy for the other women. Whatever be the texture, oiling is imperative for lustrous, healthy hair, says a hair loss treatment expert.

oil your hair problems

Dry hair can be prone to split ends. Unless treated effectively with oil, they can look dull and lifeless. The aim is to resuscitate the sebaceous glands, so that they produce the oil. You can treat your dry hair with sandalwood, geranium, lavender and rosemary oils. Almond or jojoba oil can be useful, too.

If you have oily hair you might as well dispense the need of hair oil in the first place. The aim is to restore the sebaceous glands so that they don’t end up producing excess oils. Peppermint and lemon oil work wonders for oily hair. So do sesame and jojoba oil. Choose any of these and you will be good to go.

Normal hair are, well, normal! You can always sit pretty with these without having to entertain ‘grimy woes’. Cedar wood, clary sage or thyme could be used as essential oils. Olive oil, borage oil or jojoba oil can always be used as carrier oils.

Rosemary essential oil, popular for treating dry hair, stimulates hair follicles to promote hair growth. Lavender oil, on the other hand, is used for hair breakage and for treating itchy scalp in an effective manner.

So, in case of hair woes, go the oily way!

Read out the blog post on skin & hair care, here:

Get gorgeous!

Looking gorgeous is something that has been prioritized ever since, but to put it honestly, it is not as simple as it sounds to many. With festive season almost in, no matter if a girl prefers putting on makeup or not, anyone and everyone wishes to look just the best. With stylish clothing on its place, here’s what different stuff that marks all the difference and will make you put mess at bay:

Anti Ageing

Tug it right: this is not the time when putting up anti ageing cream will make you look younger than ever, as otherwise it does. This is the time, when you have to ensure that you are putting things in the right form and in an ideal way. Afterall, its festive season and you just can’t afford to compromise with looks in any which way. If you are finding faults in you in disguise of scars and marks, why not go for cosmetic surgery? Unlike earlier, contemporarily, there’s a gamut of options to choose.

Messy affair: unlike earlier when girls would love to team up things in a neat and clean way, with innovation and experimentation done by girls, here’s the time to let lay hair in a messy way. Team up stuff that’s poles apart to each other. Here’s the time to let lay your experimentation in a bizzare way, which eventually ends up to looking cool and funky.

Skin-get glowing: something that’s not changed is application of sunscreen and moisturizer. Be it a few days back or today, this is something that’s equally important and endows with glowing results. Better take care!