Would-be Brides Should Avoid Last-Minute Disaster

If your wedding day is approaching soon and one thing you would want most, it is assumed that you would like to look the best on your special day. Afterall, it’s about the most awaited moments in a girl’s life.

If you are one of those who haven’t used much make up all your life, and now this is something that is making you bit skeptical about the way you’ll look after getting your bridal make up done then, it is recommended by the experts that you should not worry about it much and leave it upon professionals of repute. This is because there have been many instances where girls do not use much cosmetics and despite that they are given a splendid look in their wedding day. But yes, this cannot be denied in any which way that you if you want to look ‘the best’, you should visit beauty parlours of repute to avoid any sort of mess.

No matter, whether your face is oval or circular shaped, the professionals at a beauty salon will perform a face contouring process to make your face ideally shaped. Below mentioned is an overview of what all things will be done while doing your bridal make up:

  • They will begin with your face. If you’ve an oily or dry skin, a hydrating spray will be used to enhance skin’s texture, followed by foundation application and base make up.
  • After base make up, they will work on your eye makeup in conjunction to your bridal lehnga or gown.
  • Ultimately, cheeks and lips will be worked on to give the final touch.

On the whole, it is recommended by the experts that would-be-bride should herself do her trial makeup several times prior to the wedding day to avoid last-minute makeup disasters on your most special day.


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