Super Foods to Fight Ageing!

You know what’s inevitable?

– Ageing.

You know what’s evitable?

-Ageing again!

The world is full of women cribbing about the wrinkles, blemishes and dark spots on their faces. I have even heard my mom lending a piece of her mind by sermoning about the inevitability of the phenomenon.

Inevitable? Really?

Wrinkles are not evitable; wrinkles at the age of 60 something are. And if you are a young lady in your 50s (Yes. Young.), wrinkles ought to be the last thing in the list of ‘to-worry-about’s’!

Super Foods to fight ageing

You can always make smarter choices to keep ageing at bay. And by smarter choices, I don’t mean dishing out all the money on clinical procedures and anti ageing creams to get that glowing, youthful skin. Hopping to the nearby best beauty salon wouldn’t do either! Because by smarter choices, I mean foods.

Sorry. Super-Foods.

But then, what kind of superfoods? Just read on.

  • Kiwi: It is not one of the most popular foods that will have people drooling over it for the taste of it. But loaded with anti-oxidants, it is definitely one of the edible marvels that keeps skin firm and slow down the formation of wrinkles.
  • Pomegranate: Loaded with various vitamins and minerals like phosphorous and riboflavin, Pomegranate helps slow down the ageing process and promote beautiful skin. The fruit extracts help in the development of dermal cells that keep the skin firm, subtle and glowing.
  • Watermelon: Now this is one is my favorite. Not because it comes loaded with essential vitamins and minerals like Vitamin-A, B, C et al, but because it tastes like heaven! Taste apart, watermelons are a great source of anti-oxidants. Have them and relish the taste along with its goodness, but don’t chuck the seeds away! Just so you know, it is the seeds that are the treasure trove. Comprising of concentrated sources of zinc and selenium, they throw all that ageing thing out of the loop!

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